Old metal printing block of Furst-McNess buildings, the “Sunlight Laboratory” (current Furst-McNess Company headquarters) is in the middle. This picture is flipped for easier viewing.

Today the Furst McNess Company still operates its US headquarters out of the historical Sunlight Laboratory building in Freeport, Illinois, that was originally built in 1919. It is located across the street from the park where the historic Lincoln-Douglas debate was held in 1858. The Canadian headquarters is located in London, Ontario, Canada. The Furst McNess Company product focus is on agricultural products for the swine, beef, dairy and poultry industries as well as commodity trading.

In 2015, the Sugar River Trading Company of Belleville, Wisconsin became the exclusive licensee of McNess home products, taking over the operations and distribution of the baking, cleaning and personal care lines. Independent resellers (which can include brick and mortar stores as well as individuals) sell the products throughout the U.S. while Sugar River Trading also sells to consumers online through the website.